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DIY: Dreamcatcher

With festival season starting and warmer weather approaching, we were inspired to make this quintessential summer accessory.  This DIY dreamcatcher tutorial is so simple because half the work is already done for you after purchasing the materials.  Just follow the steps below to create your own masterpiece.


1 Crochet Doily

1 Wooden Embroidery Hoop


Assortment of Trims and/or Ribbons



Step 1: Separate the embroidery hoop pieces and align your doily where you wish.  We aligned our doily to the right side so that the negative space creates a crescent shape.


Step 2: Place the hoop with no doily over top the one with the doily and fasten by turning the knob at the top.  Make sure your knob is at the top of your dreamcatcher, so if you wish to hang it, you can tie string around the knob.


Step 3: Cut off excess doily.


Step 4: Once you have cut off all the excess, cut 4 pieces of thread (long enough to tie) and loop the thread through your doily by threading each piece through an open space.


Step 5: Tie down the loose ends of your thread around the embroidery hoop, then cut excess thread.


Step 6: Begin to tie on your ribbons and trims to the bottom of your embroidery hoop.  We achieved this by tying slipknots (as shown below).




Step 7: Keep tying your ribbons and trims to the bottom of the loom.  You can tie them in any order you wish. Once you have added all the ribbon/trims to your liking, you are done!


Kristine is a Southern California native who does not plan on leaving the warm weather any time soon. Introduced to fashion at a young age, she was always looked at as the creative one in her family. When Kristine is not working as a Social Media Assistant, she enjoys attending concerts, drawing, looking for treasures at flea markets, and talking about it all on her blog, Styleduplex. If you like chocolate, cheese, cats and chai lattes, you and Kristine will get along just fine. Follow her on Instagram @Queenkristttine