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DIY: Mini Pumpkin Succulent Holders

The leaves are changing colors, the weather is cooling down (kind of), and there are pumpkins as far as the eye can see.   I know your first thought is to take those pumpkins and carve a face into them, but we think you should try a different approach this year.  Show some love to all the mini pumpkins out there.  The possibilities are endless for decorating these little guys.  We chose to create mini pumpkin succulent holders that you can use as holiday decorations, centerpieces, or just to keep around the house since they are so cute.


  • 3 mini pumpkins
  • 3 succulents
  • spoon
  • knife

Step 1: Cut an opening in the top of your pumpkins large enough to fit your succulents.  After cutting the opening, take the top portion of the pumpkin off and scoop the insides of the pumpkin out.

Image by: Kristine Montgomery

Step 2: Put each succulent, and the dirt attached to the succulent, into each emptied out pumpkin.  You can add more dirt to secure the succulent if needed.

Image taken by: Kristine Montgomery

Step 3: Water each succulent and admire your work!  Wasn’t that easy?

Image taken by: Kristine Montgomery



Written & Photographed By: Kristine Montgomery

Kristine is a Southern California native who does not plan on leaving the warm weather any time soon. Introduced to fashion at a young age, she was always looked at as the creative one in her family. When Kristine is not working as a Social Media Assistant, she enjoys attending concerts, drawing, looking for treasures at flea markets, and talking about it all on her blog, Styleduplex. If you like chocolate, cheese, cats and chai lattes, you and Kristine will get along just fine. Follow her on Instagram @Queenkristttine


  • Super cute

  • Really cute, but won’t the pumpkins eventually rot? 😢

    • Sadly, yes 🙁 Then you would have to move the succulents into little pots that won’t rot :)!

  • Can’t you let the shell just dry out first so it won’t rot???

  • wow

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