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DIY: Pinecone Wall Hanging

I don’t know about you, but when Fall and Winter come around I get SO excited. Why? The decorations OF COURSE! I immediately go straight to the holiday aisles at the store to look at the decorations and want to buy all of them. Seriously though, I’ll take one of everything please. Then the harsh reality hits. Where do I keep all these decorations when I am done using them, and how the heck am I going to afford all of these decorations that I will probably only use once a year? That’s just not going to happen. Not to fret! I have come up with the cheapest DIY decoration solution (cheapest I’ve seen at least). The majority of materials were found just outside of my house.  You gotta put in a little work in order to spend less moolah for this project, and by a little work I mean picking up pine cones form the ground and finding a tree branch to use. Easy.



  • Tree branch
  • Pinecones (I used 5, but you can use however many you want for your desired design)
  • Hemp String
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Napkin
  • Scissors


Step 1: Put a dab of glue (about the size of a nickel) on a napkin and use that napkin to apply the glue around the outside of a pinecone. After the glue is applied, sprinkle glitter onto another napkin and roll the pinecone in the glitter.  The glitter should adhere to the outside of the pinecone where the glue was applied (see image above).  Repeat this step for each pinecone you have.  If you apply the glue to all the pinecones and then apply the glitter, the glitter may not stick because the glue could already be dry, so make sure to do one at a time.

Step 2: Let the pinecones dry for about 20 minutes.


Step 3: Place each pinecone where you would like them to hang for a desired pattern.  Measure and cut about how much string you will need to tie around the pine cone and around the tree branch.  It’s always better to have extra string that you can cut off in the end, rather than having too little.


Step 4: Once you have measured and cut the strings, tie the ends of each string around the corresponding pinecone base.  To achieve this, I wrapped the string around the pinecone base where there was wide enough space to secure and tie the string.


Step 5: Now that the pinecones are tied to one end of each string, you will tie the top of each string to the tree branch. I tied my strings a bit loose to the branch so I could space them out evenly after tying them if needed.  If you have excess string after tying everything, now is the time to trim the extra off.


Step 6: Hang the finished product for all your friends and family to see!

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Written & Photgraphed By: Kristine Montgomery

Kristine is a Southern California native who does not plan on leaving the warm weather any time soon. Introduced to fashion at a young age, she was always looked at as the creative one in her family. When Kristine is not working as a Social Media Assistant, she enjoys attending concerts, drawing, looking for treasures at flea markets, and talking about it all on her blog, Styleduplex. If you like chocolate, cheese, cats and chai lattes, you and Kristine will get along just fine. Follow her on Instagram @Queenkristttine