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Eat, Drink & Be Thankful: How to Throw an Effortless Friendsgiving

Celebrating holidays with friends doesn’t have to be complicated. You’ve got finals coming up, Christmas presents to shop for and probably a ton of family events to attend. 

That’s why we opt for a fun and casual Friendsgiving! It’s a time to gather with your circle of people that have become your “chosen family” and drink as much wine as you want without getting yelled at by grandma!

It can still be an unforgettable gathering without dedicating days to planning! Here are a few quick and inexpensive tips to make sure you’re a stress-free, hostess with the mostess:

Step 1: Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Unless you’re an experienced turkey cooker or up for the challenge, we say ditch the turkey all together. Go potluck-style instead and ask everyone to bring their favorite dish! Whether it’s spaghetti, enchiladas or even something a little more unique, Friendsgiving is about time spent with friends, not time spent in the kitchen. You may also learn something new about your friends, I mean—who knew Mia was a master pie baker?! Or that your BFF actually does burn everything?

Step 2: Send invites


An actual invitation will minimize all those last minute, “When is it again?” texts! This is also a good time to get a little fancier than a Facebook invite. There are tons of paperless invitations online that are festive and FREE! We suggest using a cute, pre-made template like this one. It literally takes less than five minutes to make and it adds that little something special. Make sure to let everyone know to bring their favorite dish and if they’re able to bring a guest (btw—we definitely believe the more the merrier, especially during the holidays!).

Step 3: A Festive Greeting


Who doesn’t want to be greeted with a delicious cocktail or mocktail? Get the party started right away with a festive drink. Here’s a super easy recipe we tried out recently, best of all—it costs less than $20 for everything!

2 Ounces of Cinnamon Whiskey
8 Ounces of Spiced Apple Cider
1 Cinnamon Stick
Cinnamon Sugar

Rim the cup with cinnamon sugar. Mix cinnamon whiskey and spiced apple cider and garnish with a cinnamon stick. Serve hot or over ice.

Step 4: Start the Conversation


Hanging out with new friends or friends you haven’t seen in awhile can be a little awkward. Throwing an organized gathering may also make you feel like you’re hardcore #adulting. Fear not! Break the ice by working on this festive, wearable craft! It will definitely be a conversation starter and a good reminder to not take yourself too seriously. (It will also make those Instagram pics look even more flawless!)

Here’s what you need:
Large sheets of thick kraft or brown paper
Hot glue / Glue gun
Artificial maple leaves (These can be found at most craft stores)

  1. Cut the paper into thin stripes (2” to 3” wide x 25” long)
  2. Size the strip to your head and glue at overlap
  3. Use hot glue to add as many maple leaves around the crown as you wish!
  4. Get those snaps before everyone digs in to the feast!


Step 5: Set the Table


Setting a gorgeous Friendsgiving table doesn’t have to be difficult (or expensive!). Use what you can find outside and what’s leftover from Halloween. We used our leftover pumpkins and covered them with gold spray paint, added some pine cones, then threw in some greenery for a Pinterest-worthy tablescape.

WS Tip: Use disposable kraft color plates/cups/utensils for an easy cleanup that won’t compete with the rest of the decor.

Step 6: Be Thankful

Okay, if you’re not the touchy-feely type this may be a little intimidating, but it’s important! Go around the table and let everyone say what they are thankful for. A lot of your guests might not be able to spend the holiday with family, so this is a meaningful way to come together as a group and let everyone know you’re all there for each other.

Tell us how you celebrate Friendsgiving! Do you have any unique traditions? A super easy turkey recipe? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by: Sara Hiatt

Sara grew up in the cornfields of Nebraska. She moved to California at 18 to pursue a career in fashion and writing. She went to fashion school and later graduated from CSUF with a degree in Journalism. Along the way she picked up a husband, a cat named Bella and a dog named Daisy. On the weekends you can find her at the beach or adding heaps of clothing to her online shopping cart, getting anxious, then taking them back out again. She loves telling her dog how cute she is (“You so cute Dayday!”), pizza and wine. Sara is an e-commerce product coordinator and copywriter for Wet Seal. Follow her on Instagram @Style_me_Sara