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#IDefinePretty: Catching Up With Our Fan Favorite Brittany

In September of this year, we launched our #idefinepretty campaign where we asked young women across the country to create their own beauty standards by defining what “pretty” means to them. Among the many standout contest submissions was an entry from none other than Brittany (@brittany.swift), who passionately and creatively told the world that “pretty is being genuinely you and not ashamed of it.”

With over 8.7K views on her entry to date, it’s safe to say that her personal definition was heard and received well by many. We were sent numerous tags and DMs about her entry, making her a ‘Fan Favorite’ for this campaign. Recently, we caught up with Brittany and talked #idefinepretty, fashion, her passions and more. Read on to see what she had to say.


WS: Describe yourself in 3 words.

Brittany: I would describe myself as outgoing, determined, and creative.

WS: In your #idefinepretty video, you highlighted that pretty is being yourself, doing what you love and having passions. What are you most passionate about?

Brittany: Im super passionate about social media in general. From snapping that perfect Instagram picture, to filming a Youtube video, I have such a good time doing it and I love being able to share what I create with others.

WS: What was your first reaction when you found out you were selected as a ‘Fan Favorite’ winner?

Brittany: I honestly couldn’t believe it! Frankly, I’m still surprised. I received an overwhelming amount of support on my entry video, but I never even thought any of this was possible. I originally entered just because I thought the #idefinepretty movement was such an important and great thing and I wanted to share it with as many people as I could. I’m so honored to be able to promote this a little bit more and reach an even wider audience because every girl deserves to know about this.


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WS: Speaking of fans, tell us about your YouTube channel. What types of videos can future subscribers expect to see from you?  

Brittany: My YouTube channel is basically a mix of everything I love. I do anything from music, to lifestyle, to fashion. I’ve recently started uploading YouTube videos weekly again! I want to start making a lot more creative videos that people will genuinely enjoy. I plan to start exploring the fashion side of Youtube a little bit more because that’s what i personally really enjoy watching. From lookbooks to try-on hauls, fashion videos are so much fun because it’s interesting to see the newest trends and it personally inspires me to try new things.

WS: Who are some of your favorite vloggers and why?

Brittany: Joey Graceffa is my all time favorite. I’ve been a fan of him for so many years now and I just love how genuinely himself he is and how he seems to always be exploring his passions. Lately I’ve also been super into James Charles who is also the first male Covergirl. He’s only been on YouTube for a short time, but he’s already gotten so big and will only keep growing. He’s only 17 and has accomplished a ton, plus he’s SO talented. Finally, I love Aspyn Ovard! Her style is super unique and trendy yet affordable, which I personally appreciate because after every video I spend countless hours searching the internet for her exact outfits. Also, the way she edits her videos is so cute (it’s a bit weird to describe editing as cute, but it is!).

WS: We know you’re big on fashion, what is it about this industry that you LOVE? 

Brittany: I love the fact that in today’s society, fashion is the biggest and best way to show self-expression.  What someone is wearing can tell a lot about them and I think that’s such a cool thing.


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WS: With your personal style in mind, what top 3 Wet Seal must-haves would you include on your holiday wish list and why? 

Brittany: Bomber jackets are making a huge statement this winter! They go with absolutely everything and make any outfit effortlessly cute. Since the holidays are usually a bit on the colder side, cute jackets are essential because no one will be focusing on what you’re wearing under the jacket.  Also, ankle booties are so versatile. They can be dressed up or down, keep you warm enough (and look super cute doing so!), and who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes? The holidays are the absolute best time to go all out with the glitter, so why not? Finally, since the holidays are such a busy time, every girl needs a cute bag to tackle every holiday event with. I personally love darker colored bags because they match everything and look classy yet super adorable.

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WS: Lastly, what’s 1 goal you look forward to accomplishing in the future? 

Brittany: I look forward to being able to connect with even more people who relate to me. I’ve found social media is an amazing way to find other like-minded individuals and people who love to do what I do. I can’t wait to continue growing and hopefully making a difference.


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Photographed by: Monica Prather

Interview by: Kisatchy Owens

Styling by: Kristine Montgomery

Makeup + Hair by: Julia Biglari

Kisatchy is Wet Seal’s Social Media Supervisor. Born and raised in Southern California, she has always expressed her love for fashion, music, art, and culture. She’s not one to shy away from being creative, nor one to miss an opportunity to engage in a meaningful conversation (or sometimes even a random one). You’ll mostly likely find her snapping a pic of her latest masterpiece and or browsing through trending #hashtags when she’s not making up her own. Most importantly, if she’s in the mood to belt out a song, bust out a dance move, or hum to a beat—better believe it’s happening with no heads up or a warning. Follow her on Twitter & Instagram: @Kisatchy