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#IDefinePretty: And The Winners Are…

Last month we asked women across the country to create their own beauty standards by defining what “pretty” means to them. We received an overwhelming number of entries, many were relatable to our own personal experiences and all of them were illuminating. A huge thank you to everyone who participated and helped bring these issues to light. Let’s continue to define pretty by our own rules.

The exciting time has come to reveal our grand prize winners. Congratulations to Kathlyn, Hetal and Tiffany who will be featured in an upcoming campaign and YouTube series. Additionally, they will enjoy a $500 Wet Seal shopping spree, an opportunity to design a custom ‘I Define Pretty’ tee that will be sold in our stores and a feature right here on our blog.

During the contest entry period, we received numerous tags and DMs about one particular entry. Because of this out-pouring of support, we decided to create a ‘Fan Favorite’ winner. Congratulations to Brittany who will be joining us at our HQ for a special photo shoot and will receive a $250 Wet Seal shopping spree and blog feature.

Lastly, we also decided to select 16 of some of our other favorite standout entries that also moved and inspired us. Each of these individuals will receive a $100 Wet Seal shopping spree. Check them out HERE!

Take a peek at our winner’s entries below! Stay tuned…




When I was younger my parents would tell me not to play in the sun for too long or my skin would turn too dark. And I saw my female cousin being rejected for marriage proposals because she didn’t have fair skin. Or my best friend’s mom forced her use fairness creams to lighten her complexion. For as long as I remember, Indian beauty ideals consists of the whole fair and light tones are beautiful. But my skin changes so drastically from each season and I don’t think you can define beauty by such a minuscule metric. I wish, as a society, the whole fairness creams and bleaches were banned. And someone would tell young girls with insecurities that being pretty has nothing to do with your physical attributes. That we are all different and there’s beautiful in differences. Or that it’s ok that I don’t fit your beauty standards because I have my own standards that I happen to like. The biggest lie you can tell girls is that being pretty and beautiful is all about how you look, when it’s really all about how you feel and make others around you feel. Prettiness should be contagious just smiles or kindness; not something you check off a list because your skin is a certain color. #idefinepretty #contest #wetseal

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