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Model Minute With Rachel Spencer

From the studio to the streets, our models never fail to leave us inspired. Read on to see what model and muse for our Outsiders trend, Rachel, has to say about her go-to #OOTD, end of summer plans, and the reality of being a plus model.

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WS: Describe yourself in 3 words.

Rachel: Three words I would use to describe myself would be energetic, kind and hard-working.

WS: Tell us about your personal style. What do you feel is your signature look?

Rachel: I like to describe My personal style as chic but comfy, I’m always wearing a pencil skirt with a crop or tank top and cute sneakers!

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WS: When did you start modeling and what do you love most about it?

Rachel: I started modeling about 3 years ago. The part I love most is seeing all the different types of fashion. I get a lot of inspiration for my own style when I shoot new clothes!

WS: What do you wish people knew more about plus models? 

Rachel: We work just as hard and we have just as many pressures and insecurities as straight size models. We are always striving to be strong role models and prove that beauty is not defined by shape!

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WS: What was one of your favorite looks from the LA shoot and why?

Rachel: My favorite look from the LA shoot was the body suit and jeans with the perfect bomber jacket because it’s super cute while still being comfy and it shows your curves which I love ! 

WS: Do you have exciting end of summer plans coming up that you can share with us?

Rachel: My end of summer plans were to go to the Drake concert, but instead I’m going to be spending it in New York running around the city!

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