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Press Play: Black Friday Playlist

It’s that time of year!  Sales on sales on sales and you have been preparing for this day for the past month (or longer if you’re like me).  You know which stores you want to hit and you are ready to get your shopping on with your belly full of Thanksgiving food, but are you really fully prepared?  What’s going to keep you going when you hit that point in the night where you just don’t think you can stay awake anymore to tackle the chaos all around you?  The answer would be; MUSIC!  You have to have a good Black Friday playlist on the ready from the moment you get in the car to drive to your first shopping location, all the way until you are at your last destination to finish the night on a high note (literally).

We have compiled some of our favorite Black Friday songs to keep you feeling energized and on your a-game all day long.  Turn up the tunes and let the hectic holiday shopping begin!



Written by: Kristine Montgomery

Kristine is a Southern California native who does not plan on leaving the warm weather any time soon. Introduced to fashion at a young age, she was always looked at as the creative one in her family. When Kristine is not working as a Social Media Assistant, she enjoys attending concerts, drawing, looking for treasures at flea markets, and talking about it all on her blog, Styleduplex. If you like chocolate, cheese, cats and chai lattes, you and Kristine will get along just fine. Follow her on Instagram @Queenkristttine