Press Play: Halloween Party Playlist

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year. Obviously this means we’ve been planning since the day after Christmas, but for those of you who haven’t we’re here to help.

If you’re throwing your own Halloween party you know your playlist is EV-RY-THING. It’s the difference between winning sorority president (à la Scream Queens), finally dancing with the guy you’ve been crushing on for months (who just so happened to show up in the cutest cow onesie costume you’ve ever seen) and you know—everyone moving on to the next party and goodbye Halloween party.

It’s hard knowing which classics will get everyone dancing and which songs are total duds. Luckily we’ve done the legwork for you and even tested these out ourselves at Wet Seal Headquarters.

This ain’t your mama’s Halloween playlist (Because seriously what could be more of a vibe-killer than Monster Mash?!). We’ve mixed in a few oldies, a few newer songs and possibly some total creeper tunes…because why not?

Here is our curated Halloween 2015 Party Playlist guaranteed to keep the party going:

  1. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson

This one may be obvious, but it’s not Halloween without this ‘80s classic.

  1. “Heads Will Roll” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Frankly any song that starts out with “Off with your head” will make our list.

  1. “The Addams Family” by Andrew Gold

Think of this as a “get everyone to the dance floor” song….like the Cha Cha Slide of Halloween but the only thing you need to do is snap—over, and over and over again.

  1. “Walking With A Ghost” by Tegan and Sara


  1. “Operate” by Peaches

This was the song playing at Aaron Samuel’s friends house at the Halloween party in Mean Girls. (We’re also pretty sure this song will make you look even more like a mouse, duh!)

  1. “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker, Jr.

Nostalgia reigns.

  1. “Spiderwebs” by No Doubt    

We all know there’s nothing more terrifying than a spider.

  1. “She Wolf” by Shakira

We can already imagine ourselves howling at the moon.

  1. “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by The Charlie Daniels Band

If there’s one thing more scary than this song it’s learning all the words to this song.

  1. “Friends In Low Places” by Garth Brooks

If you’ve got friends in low places make sure they’re at your Halloween party.

  1. “Smooth Criminal” by Alien Ant Farm

Is Annie okay? We have no idea. It’s just a great song!

  1. “Howlin’ For You” by The Black Keys

We have to wow them with our great taste in music at some point in the night.

  1. “E.T.” by Katy Perry

One thing we know for sure—if you’re going to get abducted, Halloween is the night to do it. So take me, ta-ta-take me.


“Come Little Children” by Erutan
We guarantee it will be the creepiest slow dance, like ever.

Written By: Sara Hiatt

Sara grew up in the cornfields of Nebraska. She moved to California at 18 to pursue a career in fashion and writing. She went to fashion school and later graduated from CSUF with a degree in Journalism. Along the way she picked up a husband, a cat named Bella and a dog named Daisy. On the weekends you can find her at the beach or adding heaps of clothing to her online shopping cart, getting anxious, then taking them back out again. She loves telling her dog how cute she is (“You so cute Dayday!”), pizza and wine. Sara is an e-commerce product coordinator and copywriter for Wet Seal. Follow her on Instagram @Style_me_Sara


  • Love this lots of good ideas and very intriguing

  • Great songs! Def will be adding some of these to my playlist!

  • You need to add Disturbia by Rihanna!

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