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#WetSealBelievesInYou: Cortney LaKosh

Last year, we held a contest (#WetSealBelievesInYou) in search of individuals who had an original dream that would impact themselves or others in a positive manner.  Our minds were blown with the overwhelming amount of submissions we received and each dream we heard.  With our hearts full, we happily awarded 8 individuals cash prizes.  In honor of their inspiring dreams, we’re running an interview series to catch up with our winners and find out out where they are now.

Next up is our $1,000 dollars winner, Cortney LaKosh.

WS: Tell us about your dream.  When did you start developing the idea of your dream and what inspired you to start fulfilling it?

Cortney: My dream is to give cancer patients and other beautiful people makeovers to bring a smile to there face. I would love get the whole beauty community involved as well. My dream developed when I was about 18 and started working in cosmetics. I had a cancer patient come in and I did a little makeover on her. She was so excited that she started crying. She made me take a picture of her and send it to her son. She told me, “you made me normal” and that nearly broke my heart. I saw her as the beautiful person she was, but I just gave her that little confidence boost and she was just beaming.

WS: How did you feel when you found out you were one of the contest winners?

Cortney: When I found out I was one of the contest winners I was shocked! I was actually sleeping and received a voice mail. I was so confused when I woke up, then instantly jumped out of bed and started calling everyone!

WS: What have you been able to do with the contest winnings and how have you applied that towards your dream?

Cortney: My first purchase with my winnings was a camera to document all of my volunteer efforts and get the word out. Then I went on to purchase some supplies for the makeovers. I mean who doesn’t love shopping for makeup? I have been able to go to one children’s homes to volunteer. I have been emailing hospitals, rehabilitation centers, woman’s shelters, and children’s homes. I’m just trying to make someone’s day.

WS: How has your dream affected your life?

Cortney: My dream has affected my life in the best way. It makes me so happy and my heart so full when I’m able to bring smiles to there faces!

WS: What do you hope to achieve next?

Cortney: So far I have only been able to volunteer at children’s homes, so my next stop is hospitals! I’m just trying to get my foot in the door and have everything start from there.

Images courtesy of Cortney LaKosh

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