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#WetSealLoves Ellen V Lora

In a world filled with creatives from various backgrounds, you would think it would be a perpetual battle to stand out among peers in the digital space. However, that isn’t the case for style blogger and social media influencer, Ellen V Lora (aka EVL), whose eye-catching style and matchless aesthetic continues to draw the attention of viewers and followers worldwide.

At first glimpse, you may instantly be drawn to Ellen’s striking lilac tresses or crush-worthy #OOTD. But really, it’s her individual uniqueness and personable presence that keeps you tuned in—patiently (or eagerly) awaiting her next move and or social post.

With over 411,000 followers on social media, Ellen is undoubtedly one of the freshest it-girls we have come across and had the opportunity to collab and kick it with. So, without further ado, read on to catch our girl talk and don’t hesitate to file her Wet Seal end-of-summer / pre-fall looks under ‘style inspo.’


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WS: So Ellen, as a style blogger, what do you feel has been the most rewarding and challenging part about blogging thus far?

Ellen: Blogging in itself has been rewarding all in all. The fact that I’m able to create a business doing something I love and essentially be my own boss is pretty incredible. I get to exercise my creativity and share it on a greater platform and get to connect with individuals globally in URL. Like any other job, it’s rewarding when you put in the work and see the results; creating goals and working towards them. Working with brands you’ve dreamed of working with. 

You can actually choose to be you, and not anyone else, and be confident in that. 

Hm, the most challenging thing: not being able to completely live in the moment and having to capture the moment with photos and videos as we go. Essentially as a blogger you work around the clock, all day, every day. You take your work with you everywhere you go. 


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WS: How would you describe your personal style?

Ellen: Undefinable, eclectic with a touch of edge & dark flare. I don’t like to box myself into a category because I essentially wear what I feel. I’m fluid between minimalist to feminine to bold. I do always find my eyes wandering to a monochromatic palette of black and white. Also, as of late, I’ve been experimenting more with color; also, denim has been on heavy rotation. I love vintage to classic looks to modern hemlines. One day I’ll opt for a relaxed fit in a pair of vintage denim shorts, a leather moto and sneakers, and the next I’ll be in a satin slip and heels. Keep ’em guessing.


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WS: Not gonna lie, your Instagram feed is curated to perfection. What advice would you give to someone looking to revamp his or her personal feed?

Ellen: Foremost, develop your own personal style; something that looks good to you, something that feels right to you. Then from there fine-tune and refine your feed, with clean photos, a consistent theme and aesthetic. Think of longevity for the photos and how they tie in together, but do serve up some variety in the photos so your feed isn’t stagnant. 

WS: You obviously have a signature EVL beauty look; do you have plans on sharing any makeup and hair tutorials on your YouTube channel soon?

Ellen: I most definitely do! It’s in the works so do stay tuned. This year I plan to be a lot more active on my channel from doing style lookbooks, hauls, and of course my signature beauty look and hair styles. 


WS: Fall is around the corner, what are your top 3 wardrobe essentials you feel every girl needs for this season and why?

Ellen: Foremost, I cannot wait for Fall. Every girl needs a solid leather (or faux leather) moto jacket that can essentially be thrown other anything for an instant bad chick, effortless look (My favorite: All Saints leather moto). A solid pair of leather boots (My favorite: Alexander Wang Gabi boots ). For my last one, I’d say a solid oversized heavy knit sweater you can throw over wide leg pants or a skirt. Love, wear, repeat.

WS: In your “50 Facts About Me” video, you mentioned you have a sweet tooth. Sooo, what tasty treat usually hits the spot for you?

Ellen: Guys. The sugar addiction is so real. I ain’t got no type when it comes to sweets, but ice cream does usually hit the spot. Or frozen yogurt even.


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WS: Lets talk music. What song do you find yourself constantly playing on repeat and why?

Ellen: My music index is quite big. My playlist is very contingent on my mood. I’ve currently had The 1975’s “Somebody Else” on loop. I get lost in the song. & anything with Drake will inevitably be on repeat.

WS: Lastly, where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Ellen: I hope to have a clothing label and brand of my own. That will be my baby. (Also, may or may not have a real baby of my own by then?) I’ve always wanted to design clothes from me to you. I want to be the ultimate marriage of a creative individual and successful business woman. 


Stay connected with Ellen V Lora via her Blog, Instagram, Twitter , YouTube and Snapchat (ellen_vlora)!

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Photographed by: Monica Prather

Interview by: Kisatchy Owens

Styling by: Justin Cabal + Kristine Montgomery

Makeup + Hair by: Ellen V Lora

Kisatchy is Wet Seal’s Social Media Supervisor. Born and raised in Southern California, she has always expressed her love for fashion, music, art, and culture. She’s not one to shy away from being creative, nor one to miss an opportunity to engage in a meaningful conversation (or sometimes even a random one). You’ll mostly likely find her snapping a pic of her latest masterpiece and or browsing through trending #hashtags when she’s not making up her own. Most importantly, if she’s in the mood to belt out a song, bust out a dance move, or hum to a beat—better believe it’s happening with no heads up or a warning. Follow her on Twitter & Instagram: @Kisatchy