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#WetSealLoves Francis Lola

You know that moment when you’re scrolling through Instagram’s trending photos and you come across ‘that image’ that instantly receives your undivided attention? Yea, that’s pretty much a moment that style blogger and social media influencer, Francis Lola (aka Flamcis) owns. This pink-haired beauty is making her mark in the digital world, inspiring fellow style-enthusiasts worldwide to hit the follow button.

With her captivating content, charming personality and standout head-to-toe looks, it’s no surprise that Francis’ loyal social media following (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube) of more than 265,000 people combined continues to grow day by day. She is undoubtedly a person that stays true to herself, while effortlessly portraying who she is through the diverse content she publishes on her channels.

We had the opportunity to kick it with Francis recently on her birthday where we teamed up to give you none else than some summer-inspired #OOTD’s. Plus, peep our girl chat below where she talks fashion, beauty and more. Read on!


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WS: It’s pretty obvious you’re killin’ it in the social media world. What is it about social media specifically that you LOVE?

Francis Lola: I love being able to connect with people on social media. I just hate being alone and love to be around people. I even met a lot of my best friends today through social media and blogging!


WS: How would you describe your personal style?

Francis Lola: I always use the words girly and edgy. Sometimes a mixture of both. I’ve always been a girly-girl. I love dresses, skirts, anything flowy and feminine. But I also love to add a little bit of edge to my look. Like black combat boots, a leather choker, or a black leather jacket.


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WS: Ok, so we have to admit we’re crushin’ on your current hair color. Why pink?

Francis Lola: Pink has always been one of my favorite colors. I actually had purple hair before this. I decided to give pink a try, and have been committed to it ever since! I think it really goes with my skin tone and has, kind of, become a part of my identity!


WS: Describe your signature everyday makeup look.

Francis Lola: I love a mauvey brown smokey eye. Nothing too dark, but definitely a thick eyeliner and dramatic wing. Some dramatic lashes to open my eyes. A little bit of contour and peachy color to my face, and always a mauve-ish lip color.

WS: Sooo, we know you like to travel. Do you have any exciting getaways planned for this summer?

Francis Lola: I’m actually headed to Miami in a few weeks for Miami Swim Week. After that, I’m hoping Bali and also another big trip hopping around southeast Asia. I haven’t decided exactly where yet, but Bangkok is definitely on the list!


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WS: What advice would you give to aspiring fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers?

Francis Lola: Always stay true to yourself. Work hard, follow your dreams, and have confidence in yourself! Don’t let anyone bring you down.

WS: Lastly, where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Francis Lola: Definitely still blogging. Hopefully having more traffic on my YouTube channel, and traveling a lot more!


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Photographed by: Monica Prather

Interview by: Kisatchy Owens

Styling by: Kristine MontgomeryJustin Cabal

Makeup + Hair by: Francis Lola

Assistant: Calloway Cox

Kisatchy is Wet Seal’s Social Media Supervisor. Born and raised in Southern California, she has always expressed her love for fashion, music, art, and culture. She’s not one to shy away from being creative, nor one to miss an opportunity to engage in a meaningful conversation (or sometimes even a random one). You’ll mostly likely find her snapping a pic of her latest masterpiece and or browsing through trending #hashtags when she’s not making up her own. Most importantly, if she’s in the mood to belt out a song, bust out a dance move, or hum to a beat—better believe it’s happening with no heads up or a warning. Follow her on Twitter & Instagram: @Kisatchy