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#WetSealLoves Jennaly Bounvilom

There’s never a dull moment when you’re scrolling through your Insta feed being greeted by countless images, many of which grab your attention at first glance. More than likely there comes a time when you become fixated on someone or something you share an instant connection with. Recently, that someone for us was influencer and vlogger, Jennaly Bounvilom.

From her chill cool-girl vibe to her visual aesthetic, Jennaly’s digital presence is something worth noting. With close to 200,000 followers on social media, it’s safe to say all eyes are on her. And trust, there’s reasons to back that up. We caught up with Jennaly recently and talked style, music, family and more! Not to mention, we had a blast teaming up with her to bring you some serious style inspo for fall. Read on to see what she had to say!


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WS: Describe yourself in 3 words.

Jennaly: Well I don’t want to get ahead of myself (haha), but I must say fun, honest and creative.

WS: So Jennaly, it’s no secret that you’re killin’ the social media game. What do you feel has contributed to your strong following?

Jennaly: Being myself and staying true to who I am as a person and my personal style did help contribute to my strong following.


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WS: How would you describe your personal style?

 Jennaly: I have a mixed variety of styles. It all depends on how I feel that day. I’ll dress classy one day then straight to a plain t-shirt and sweats the next. It all depends on my mood but everything I wear always has to be super comfy or it isn’t worth wearing.

WS: Do you have plans on launching a blog soon or in the future?

 Jennaly: Yes! I actually do and I’m working on that right now. Make sure to follow my instagram: @Jennalyyy to find out soon.


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WSTell us about your YouTube channel. When did you start it, what do you enjoy most about it and why should viewers hit the ‘Subcribe’ button?

Jennaly: My YouTube channel consists of different videos. I love having fashion videos, look books, hauls, and during the holidays some cool DIY’s and more vlogs. I started my channel back in 2011. I honestly enjoy filming look books and most of all my family. I recently started vlogging more with my family. It seems that my subscribers love having my family in my videos which I totally don’t mind at all.  I don’t like to encourage viewers to “subscribe” if they don’t like what they see, but I mean they all should love me so why not subscribe to a channel with cool videos!

WS: We’re crushin’ on your Instagram feed’s aesthetic. What tip(s) would you give to someone looking to craft the perfect posts?

Jennaly: In my opinion, I believe it’s all on how you take your picture and edit it. So for example, looking at my feed I usually take pictures on a white or either grey background, so I just stick to taking pictures within those colors schemes. While editing I use VSCO Cam and also use the same filter for every picture I post which helps make my feed look even better.  That’s  pretty much it and super simple to do.

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WS: Let’s talk music. What artist is owning your playlist right now and what song of theirs are you playing on repeat?

Jennaly: Music!? Yas I can’t live without my music. I don’t have a favorite artist because I honestly listen to all sorts of music and love all sorts of artists. But I must say I’m always listening to 90s-2000s R&B and Hip Hop. I love my old school music so much!

WS: We know you’re big on FAMILY. Do you have any exciting plans for the holidays with them?

Jennaly: Yes, of course! If you guys follow me on Snapchat: Jennalyyy which you guys should. My family’s always throwing parties constantly. I’m usually always posting snaps of us all the time HEHE! We just love hanging out and also feeding everyone. So for the holidays you already know we’ll being throwing more parties, which will be even more fun.

WS: Lastly, where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 

Jennaly: Holy moly 5 years!? Ok lets really be honest here! I must say I see myself owning my own home with my hubby while relaxing in my beautiful backyard, BBQing and having my 2-5 kids running around, riding dirt bikes, getting in trouble, and me as a mom yelling at everyone all while vlogging. YASS!!!


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Photographed by: Monica Prather

Interview by: Kisatchy Owens

Styling by: Justin Cabal + Kristine Montgomery

Featured Photo Look – Styled by: Jennaly Bounvilom

Makeup + Hair by: Julia Biglari

Kisatchy is Wet Seal’s Social Media Supervisor. Born and raised in Southern California, she has always expressed her love for fashion, music, art, and culture. She’s not one to shy away from being creative, nor one to miss an opportunity to engage in a meaningful conversation (or sometimes even a random one). You’ll mostly likely find her snapping a pic of her latest masterpiece and or browsing through trending #hashtags when she’s not making up her own. Most importantly, if she’s in the mood to belt out a song, bust out a dance move, or hum to a beat—better believe it’s happening with no heads up or a warning. Follow her on Twitter & Instagram: @Kisatchy