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2017 Zodiac Style Guide

We often read horoscopes to see what the future has in store for us. Depending on our signs and where the stars align, certain situations in our life can play out for better or for worst. Along with those predictions, we are given specific (and usually accurate) personality traits. Have you ever wondered if your sign somehow also affects your personal stye? Like, why is that off shoulder blouse the first thing that’s on your radar? Or, although you have an urge to try something new (like that geometric orange romper), your classic go-to’s will always win #HandsDown. No matter what, you have the ability to control your own style, but you can’t help but wonder if the stars actually have a plan for you and your wardrobe.

So, what’s your sign? Scroll down to see what the fashion stars have to say about YOU.

Shop the Look: Top | Skirt | Jacket

Shop the Look: Top | Pant | Cardigan  | Shoes |

Shop the Look: Bodysuit | DenimSunglasses

Shop the Look: Bomber | Top | Denim | Shoes

Shop the Look: Top | Denim | Jacket |

Wet Seal Plus – Shop the Look: Top | Denim | Flannel | Jacket | Chokers | Bag

Wet Seal Plus – Shop the Look: Romper (Coming Soon)

Wet Seal Plus – Shop the Look: Off the Shoulder Top | Denim 

Shop the Look: Jacket | Graphic Tee | Denim | Ankle Boots

Shop the Look: Jacket | Tee | Skirt | Booties

Shop the Look: Velvet Top | SkirtJacket

Shop the Look: Off the Shoulder Blouse | Denim | Shoes | Hat

Living in Southern California, Justin is filled with big dreams and an even bigger (sassy) attitude. Currently the lead Wardrobe Stylist for Wet Seal, he is constantly on the search for anything beautiful and inspiring. When he's not throwing together effortlessly cool outfits in studio, he's usually taking #OOTD's, stuffing his face with pizza, or exploring little hidden gems all over SoCal with his squad. Follow him on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter to keep up with his shenanigans : @JustinCabal