Who doesn’t love a good braided hairstyle?  I know braids can sometimes look difficult, but I’m here to tell you otherwise!  I’ve created a fun half-up, half-down braided hairstyle for any occasion. Whether it be date night, afternoon lunch with the girls, or maybe you’re having a bad hair day and need an up-do to mask it.  Just follow the steps below to get an effortless crown of braids.

Step 1: Section a portion of your hair near the front of your head to make a fishtail braid.

Step 2: Separate this large portion in half, so you now have 2 pieces.

Step 3: Start your fishtail braid by taking a little piece from one side of the portion of hair, and bringing that little piece to the opposite side.

Step 4: Now take a small piece of hair from the side of hair you just added to and bring that piece to the opposite side (so you are just repeating step 3, but with the other side).

Step 5: Continue repeating steps 3 & 4 to reveal your fishtail braid!  Once you finish the fishtail, use a hair tie to hold it together.

Step 6: To give your fishtail braid more interest, pull apart the braid (just a little bit) like below.

Step 7: Ta-da! Your fishtail is done.

Step 8: Next to your fishtail braid, grab a smaller section of hair and just do a regular braid.  When you finish the regular braid, pull it apart like you did for the fishtail.

Step 9: Pull the top portion of your hair back into a pomp (not including the braids).

Step 10: Pull your fishtail braid over top of the bobby pins used to secure your pomp.

Step 11: Tuck the end of the fishtail braid under the pomp on the other side of your head and secure it with bobby pin.

Step 12: Do that same thing with your regular braid, but place this braid a little bit below the fishtail.

Now you’re all ready to go!

A Hint of Lace

acey bralettes are a major YES right now in our book, and what better time than Valentine’s day to try them out?  Yes, you do wear these bralettes under your clothing, but the whole point is for them to peek-a-boo out from your top or dress for a hint of flirtation.  Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s day, or singles awareness, embrace the bralette and flaunt your femininity.  Below are some tips to help you style your outfit around a bralette.

In our opinion, the perfect pairing for our lace trim bralette is any of our basic v neck tees.  The front strappy detail can be seen while wearing a deep v top (or dress).  Another idea is to pair this bralette with a muscle tee that has arm holes that scoop low like our Wanderlust Ringer Muscle Tank. With the scooping arm hole detail, the side of your bralette will be slightly visible for a playful touch. 

When we look at this beauty, we instantly knew it had to be paired with a flowy dress.  Our Floral Print Shift Dress compliments this bralette to perfection.  The neckline of the bralette will just peek out above the neckline of the dress for a pretty scalloped edge.

The front of this bralette is just as as pretty as the back.  Our Low V-Back Sweater was made to show off this bralette.  Pair the two together to make heads turn.

For a more casual effortless chic look, pair a plaid button up top with our Sheer Floral Lace Triangle Bralette.  Unbutton a few buttons, and voila!


The leaves are changing colors, the weather is cooling down (kind of), and there are pumpkins as far as the eye can see.   I know your first thought is to take those pumpkins and carve a face into them, but we think you should try a different approach this year.  Show some love to all the mini pumpkins out there.  The possibilities are endless for decorating these little guys.  We chose to create mini pumpkin succulent holders that you can use as holiday decorations, centerpieces, or just to keep around the house since they are so cute.


  • 3 mini pumpkins
  • 3 succulents
  • spoon
  • knife

Step 1: Cut an opening in the top of your pumpkins large enough to fit your succulents.  After cutting the opening, take the top portion of the pumpkin off and scoop the insides of the pumpkin out.

Step 2: Put each succulent, and the dirt attached to the succulent, into each emptied out pumpkin.  You can add more dirt to secure the succulent if needed.

Step 3: Water each succulent and admire your work!  Wasn’t that easy?

Written & Photographed By: Kristine Montgomery